2 thoughts on “Unu’ e meserias

  1. در 12:33 pmMB683 میگوید:shoma bayad bishtar az ghabl besh ahaaiymt bedid sai konid az lahaze atefi tahrikesh konid har rooz barash taze bashid va bomb baran atefish konid zemnan faramosh nashe ziad az had ham nabashe chon shirini ziad delo mizaneh..!omidvaram movafagh bashid

  2. Feb23Ziad Bashir Yes, of course. Though i bveelie parents should have a greater control and knowledge of what their kids are reading in those comics, and whether or not they are focusing on the right lesson. Because just like every medium of communication, an unfiltered exposure to graphic novels can be harmful too- depending on age and maturity level of each kid (you being a teacher would know more than me about that, I am sure).And thanks a lot for the compliments. We are honored to have you as one of the our regular writers =)

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